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Microsoft to support SSH in the future


According the Powershell blog, Microsoft will in the future support SSH on the Windows platform. Many of us are familiar with SSH but if you’re not, it’s a way to establish a connection between computers often used in Unix\Linux. If you work on a Windows computer you had to download ...

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Fallout 4 Trailer


Count me excited. The one game that I’ve been waiting on for years is finally coming out. This is one trailer that has me excited. This will be the first E3 which I’ll be following the live streams closely since 2013 or so.

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Steam In-House Streaming and me


Steam in-house streaming has been out for a while now but it’s only recent that I’ve been able to try to out. As someone who uses a computer on every television that I own, the Steam in-house streaming is perfect for me. My main computer can run most games at ...

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VP9 on YouTube – How does it effect you


This is one of those things that most people wouldn’t pay attention to. Most people don’t NEED to pay attention to stuff like this but as a whole, this might change how many people experience YouTube. As someone who has crap internet, I’m fully aware how it feels when you ...

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Enable Fortigate DHCP Advanced in GUI


Just a quickie. For some reason, the people over at Fortinet decided that people didn’t need to have the advanced section under DHCP on their fortigates anymore. This has to be unlocked through CLI. FWXXXXXXXXXXXXXX # config system global FWXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (global) # set gui-dhcp-advanced enable Now, under Network -> Interface ...

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Chris Hadfield talking about fear and how to conquer it


There’s an astronaut saying: In space, “there is no problem so bad that you can’t make it worse.” Chris Hadfield is pretty awesome. Not only does he make a great version of Space oddity in freaking space and space burritos, he sure knows how to inspire people and teach people ...

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Geeky valentines gifts


Valentines day is coming up and you’ll want to get that geeky special someone some gifts that will show how much they mean to you.  If you’re lucky like me and have a a geeky better half, what better way to show your appreciation than with these geeky gifts.  Favorite show ...

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New Raspberry Pi out now


The Raspberry foundation just released a new version of their awesome credit card sized computer, called the Raspberry Pi. The new one will replace the old one and is comes with twice as much ram and now sports a quad-core cpu. Overview of the system down below. You can get ...

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Thoughts about backup of personal stuff


Lately, I’ve been thinking about backup of my personal stuff. Things I know I always want to have at hand. My fiance has been talking about it for some time now but it might have been the death of my father that made me plan stuff. I have pictures of ...

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Free software KVM

2014-10-18 09_45_14-Program Manager

Use one mouse and keyboard for several computers? And without having to buy a KVM switch or any other hardware solution? If you’re in a Microsoft environment, this might be for you. At home I have 3 screens, shared between two PCs and therefor have two mice and keyboards. This ...

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Greenshot: Last print screen program you’ll ever need


I’d like to start this post by saying that I’ve never, ever even imagined downloading a program to handle print screen. I’d just press print screen, open mspaint and paste it in there and crop out the part that I wanted the screenshot of. When I got my job, the ...

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Bionics of the future is already here


This is by far one of the best TED talks that I’ve seen and it certainly inspires hope for the future. Hugh Herr, a professor at MIT, shows in this video where biomechatronics is headed by not only showing examples on how they will help people of the future but ...

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My dual PC streaming project: Almost finished update

2014-06-18 10.08.15

So I’ve gotten everything except for the RAM so I just stole half of the RAM from my main computer just to be able to test the streaming PC and everything works fine. At the moment I’m remote desktop’ing into the streaming PC but I have an old monitor at ...

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My dual PC streaming project: The setup, explained

As the picture above explains, my gaming computer will go directly into the AVerMedia Live Gamer HD which in turn put out the video signal on my monitor. You can go for a dual screen solution and clone the main screen to the second which is going into the Live ...

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